Principals Represented and Their Products

Honywell: Enraf Tank System SA

HERMetic portable Ullage/

Temperature/Interface Detectors.

HERMetic Closed Sampling devices.

U.K. HERMetic Service Station for

Calibration and Repair.

Jowa USA

Jowa USA

Fixed Automatic Tank Level,

Temperature and Pressure Gauging

MetriGuard Water Ingress Alarm System.

Draft Gauging.

European Service Representation

Kyma a.s.

Kyma a.s

Kyma Shaft Power Meter.

Kyma Ship Performance.

Kyma Diesel Analyzer (MIP).

Kyma Steam Analyzer.

Detegasa Detegasa

DELTA Incinerators Solid Waste and Sludge.

DELTA Oily Water Separators.

DELTA Sewage Treatment Plants.

DELTA Inert Gas Systems.


World Class Water Pumps.

Centrifugal, Propeller and

Piston Pumps.

Gertsen and Olufsen

G&O Water in Oil Monitor

(Survey Water Monitor).


IP Waste Compactor

Food Waste Disposers.


Markusnet MOB Recovery.

Markus MOB Scramble-net.

Markus MOB Boat Rescue-net.


Purchase & Supply of

Specialized New Equipment