Shipwrite - Loading Computer System

Energy Marine (INTERNATIONAL) Limited produce the SHIPWRITE Loading Computer System which is wholly maintained, serviced and supported within the company. The system is currently operating E.M.(I) logo onboard more than 250 vessels and in several cargo planning offices world wide. The system supplied can include either or both software and hardware.

The SHIPWRITE Loading Program software has been developed in house over many years and is designed round the needs of the personnel charged with the task of planning and monitoring the optimum loading of a vessel.

Versions of the software are available for tankers (including gas and chemical carriers), bulk carriers (including grain cargo), container vessels, general cargo vessels, cruise liners, ro-ro vessels / ferries as well as specialised vessels such as semi-submersibles and F.P.S.Os.

Each delivered system is bespoke software for the vessel for which it is to be used. The vessel's hydrostatic, geometric and other essential data files are added to produce a program which is then used as a mathematical model to simulate the behaviour of the vessel in any loaded condition.

The user may save and retrieve unlimited numbers of load conditions and can prepare an alternative plan whilst simultaneously maintaining and monitoring the current load condition to which there is instant access.

Energy Marine (INTERNATIONAL) Limited also produce the SHIPWRITE RC5 ruggedised computer hardware which is built to withstand excessive vibration, extremes of temperature and all the other harsh environmental conditions experienced at sea.

The SHIPWRITE Loading Computer System can also be linked to external systems such as tank gauging, draft gauging and hull stress monitoring.